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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Both my Golden retriever, Cassi and my Maine Coon, Estevan, are gone now. While they were alive they were inseparable friends

Ambergris by any other name….is still Vomit.

Ambergris by any other name…. is still Vomit. Why not Cat Puke? Hello all. Today I, Grace the Maine Coon Cat, am writing and

THE FELINE STARE: Its purpose, its use and its effect.

Dedicated to increasing communication between feline and humankind.

I, Maddy the Maine Coon, train my pet puppy Rose the Border Collie

So, you know, cats are really smarter than dogs (and people). I like to sit in on the training sessions with my person and my

“I had a bath today.” and other indignities Maine Coons must suffer.

I went to my bowl, and it is empty. I had a bath today. My sister Padma had no sympathy. I had a bath today. I am gorgeous and

Good food, Good Meat, Good GOD let’s EAT!

Hey ho! Ame here. I am new to the gang. I’m kinda confused. I have a lot of questions. For one, I want to know WHY it al

Recipes for life: the ingredients.

Padma here again: Queen of the counter top, ruler of the roost, and controller of the household Chi. While I disdain running a

Recipes for Life:

Hello, Padma here: Maine Coon, queen of the house, fairly nice cat who does not mind if you are unimportant and in my space (I

What do you want for your last meal?


Red Star Styles Christian Dior

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